Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Costumes on a Budget

At our house, Halloween is the most fun time for innovation and creativity.
This year, my boys are quite obsessed with Star Wars, the Clone Wars. And, as a result they decided to be clone troopers for Halloween. As with most Halloween costumes, our endeavor started with a trip to the local fabric store. $12 later
we were home with 1.2 m of white upholstery vinyl, which I estimated was enough to make costumes for both boys.

Using newspaper we created templates directly on their bodies by looking at a picture of a clone trooper.
Once they were satisfied with the shapes for all the
pieces we laid the newspaper pattern pieces out on our piece of vinyl and cut them out

A bit of hot glue was all that was needed to afix the pieces to some dark colored old clothes

Add a couple of helmets (gifts from last Christmas.)
-voila! Clone Troopers!