Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why Homeschool?

People often ask us why we homeschool. Over time we have discovered that there are many reasons that we homeschool. Ultimately, we do it because it works for us. And because we love it.

I read an article that talks about homeschooling as an option for families considering alternative educational opportunities for their children. This quote struck home for me:

"What I have since discovered is that depending on the approach, home schooling can actually be quite stress-free, social and advantageous. It all comes down to why and how a family chooses to approach it."

This couldn't be more true.

When I think about the stress of juggling multiple schools, schedules, rules and the disadvantage of the ageist social structure of schools. I can only see advantages to our choice to learn together at home.

We have grown together as a family. We support each other through difficulties, cheer for each other in victories and share those quiet special times together that would be forever lost if we had chosen an institutional approach to schooling. And we are happy.