Sunday, June 14, 2009

Do you Google?

Do you use google? Sure you use google as a seach engine... but do you REALLY use google?

Google is much more than a search engine. Their account service i-google wants to be our online solution to a harddrive and computer software!
Google Docs is a feature that lets you create documents for sharing or editing online.

For example, I began this document in my gmail account as an emailand then sent it to my google docs address. From there, I could continue to work on it from any computer that has internet access and finally I could blog it instantly with blogger or send it to a friend for collaboration or sharing! No need for a word processing software on my computer and able to be shared with any other computer (PC or mac.)

How easy is that?

Get your own Google account simply by signing up!

And if you'd like an easy-to-use photo interface that also makes blogging instanateous, then check out Picasa, by Google! Just choose a picture and click blog this! Thanks google.

If you are using google in a way that makes your life easier please tell me, as I have discovered all the things I know about google by accident!

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