Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Newest Additions

Welcome Ralph and Leia!
Our family increased by 2 in late July! Spurred on by the reading of the Beverly Cleary book The Mouse and The Motorcycle, our youngest decided he wanted a pet mouse for his birthday.

Well, after a little research, we determined that the best type of rodent to get was...well...rats. Yes, I thought the same thing. Well, anyway the research wasn't wrong.

As it turns out rats are: affectionate, smart, trainable (even litter box trainable) and do not readily bite. They also like to wake up during the day to play with you. Unlike other rodents they do not become cranky if they are awakened during the day, in fact they adjust their sleeping patterns to accomodate having fun with people!

These little lovelies enjoy our playtime together and our leftover bits of strawberries, and boiled eggs. What great pets! -- Really!
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