Friday, February 10, 2012

Sewing with Kids

Sewing with kids is lots of fun.  Sometimes they can find it frustrating when the project is too challenging. 

Stitching pals out of fleece has become somewhat of an obsession around our house.  If you stopped by to visit you'd see for yourself! 

This cute little Shamrock, Sheldon, was designed by my eldest boy. (He's named after his favorite character from The Big Bang Theory!) The project uses basic sewing technique and even my 8-year old had success with it.

Because we believe in cross-curricular studies, I enouraged my son to blog about his sewing.  And now he's even taken it a step farther and published his patterns for sale online. It's never too early to stasrt being an Entrepreneur.

Check out his blog and his online shop!

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