Thursday, May 28, 2009

Solar Box Cooker

This a very exciting project that we can't wait to try!

Recently, we have been studying solar radiation and energy conservation. What better way to marry the 2 concepts than by building a solar box cooker?

We have come across many design ideas on the internet and have narrowed our choices down to a box cooker or a parabolic umbrella cooker. Since we live in a cold climate, my son has deduced that the box cooker would be more suited to our cooking needs.

Solar cooking has helped many people in developing countries reduce their dependence on firewood and charcoal for their cook fires. This is a zero carbon footprint approach to cooking food. What a concept!

According to our research a box cooker does all types of cooking like boiling, stewing, grilling, and baking. And, food cooked in a solar cooker reportedly tastes better!

We plan on using the instructions for the
Easy Lid Cooker.
Stay tuned for our results!

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  1. The solar cooker is a great ,proven technology, to conserve energy from fossil fuels,note---fire wood is used in many developing countries by about 1.5 billion cooker can reduce by 30% at least....One family using solar cooker reduces 2 tons of carbon dioxide emission in a year!
    See my website please: and build one cooker and use it,share with others!