Friday, May 1, 2009

Book Series

Our family does a lot of reading!
We read everything!  Fiction, non-fiction, classics, pulp fiction, graphic novels, how-to books, comics and more!

Bedtime is a favorite time for reading, (followed up with a quick tickle!)  

As soon as the kids are old enough they begin to share in the "reading aloud ritual."  At first, they choose a book that they can read independantly and share that one with a parent or sibling. Then they take turns reading the same book that we are.  At first it might be tag-team reading where the child is encouraged to read any of the words in the sentence that they recognize or can sound out.  We both look at the words and the mentor reads slowly so that the emerging reader can jump in with any words that they want to try. Eventually, it moves on to alternate sentences or paragraphs or even pages!

Early in the morning is another common time to find us all reading.  We will often snuggle up together in one bed : mine!  luckily it's king size!  The morning sun coming in the window from the east is the perfect light to read by!  I'm often greeted with a nice big pile of picture books borrowed from the library to read through before we start our day.  It's such a peaceful time for all of us!

Since I have boys, I am interested in the fact that a greater proportion of boys are reluctant readers. We have not found that phenomenon to represent our situation. I believe that each child is unique and has their own strengths, and I don't really believe in sex stereotyping.  But is is undenyable that my boys are drawn to certain genres.  

Some fiction series that my boys have enjoyed tremendously are:  (In order:  youngest to oldest, beginning at about age 6.) 
What books have your boys enjoyed?  Or your girls for that matter?


  1. Ds has liked this year:

    Elmer and the Dragon series
    The Moongooble series by Bruce Colville
    Various Robin Hood adaptations
    Harry and the Posionous Centipede series by Lynne Reid Banks (his absolute favorite so far I would say)
    and currently he's enjoying
    The Far Flung Adventures of Fergus Crane

    He's 6, but a good reader, which is a challenge in it's own way. Finding books that interest him, but are not too scary is difficult.

  2. Hi Holly,

    We have had a similar experience with our now 9 year old. Keeping him in good reading material has been a big job! Maybe we'll get some more ideas from others.

  3. We are just starting to read chapter books. We were given Junie B books ... It is the first book I do not like AT ALL. The little girl in the story is HORRIBLE. We are so heading back to the Disney Fairies books *sigh*

    Loved Catwings (we got a few from Holly!)

  4. I thought Junie B. might be like Ramona. - wrong! And, I couldn't believe that the book actually published improper grammar and spelling....ON PURPOSE!! Sheesh, how are we supposed to teach kids literacy with that kind of example??

  5. The boy here is just starting to read more extensively, and I really appreciate your recommendations, they will certainly come in handy soon!

    Today, he read "Titanic... Lost and Found" to me, his first "big boy" book. After, he looked at me and said "Well, that looked harder than it really is!"

    Hopefully, he will end up with a true passion for books!

  6. Yay! What a thrill to have achieved a first "big boy" book!