Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to the School Room

Several years ago we renovated our house to expand the usable area of the home to include the area above the garage.  It's on the upper level with the bedrooms.

We build lovely built-in book cases and put a nice hardwood floor down.  It was our School Room.

The "problem" was that our youngest was only 4 at the time and it was difficult for us to work in the room, since none of the kids (the oldest was 8) could be left in the room alone and expected to continue working at a task.  So, the room became the craft room/hobby room/ironing room /storage room.  And then of course we didn't use it for school work, it was just too cluttered.

Over the Christmas holiday we purged the room and prepped it for school use.  Our youngest is now 8 and the oldest 12.

Each child has their own workspace which they chose for themselves.  Their books are conveniently located on a shelf to the right.  At the start of the day I make a pile on their left (the inbox) for their academic subjects that follow a curriculum. As they work through the pile the completed work gets placed in the "please mark me" pile or returned to the book shelf on their right (the outbox).

We are loving the change.  It sure beats cleaning up school books in order to eat lunch off the kitchen table!

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