Saturday, January 21, 2012

Grammar Books Arrive

When my oldest was in Grade 4 he started Grammar.
There were a few reasons for this.  OK there were 2. One was that I discovered a great grammar program called Growing With Grammar just before finalizing my curriculum plan for the year.  The other was because he was ready for it.

My youngest is in third grade this year. He's all boy.  School work is fine with him, but there's no eagerness to do it, unless it means finishing early to do something fun.

Over the Christmas break he asked me offhandedly when he would be starting to learn Grammar. The conversation went something like this:

"Mom, when will I start to do Grammar?"  note the incorrect verb usage "do Grammar."
"When you're in grade four."
"Oh, I would like to start to do Grammar this year."
"Really?  We'll see."  meaning,  'not likely.'

Two weeks later:
"Mom.  Did you get me a Grammar book yet?"
"Oh, no I didn't get one.  You have to order them."
"Can you order me one?"
"I suppose."  meaning  'he'll likely forget about this and he's not really ready for Grammar yet.

The next week.
"Did my Grammar book come yet?"
"Oh, I didn't order it yet."
"Oh, (sad face.)  Can you order it for me today?
"Not today (said in the middle of cleaning kitchen before heading to work.) But I will."  meaning 'when I think of it at a time when I can actually act on it.'

Later that week:
"Did you order my Grammar book yet?"
"No, not yet, but I'll order it soon."
"Do you promise?"
"Yes, I promise."  Which means 'looks like I'm actually going to have to order this boy a grammar book before grade 4.'

On Friday:
"Have you ordered my Grammar book yet?"
"No but, I did promise I would do it, and I will do it very soon."  meaning 'shoot!  I forgot to order the Grammar!'

On Monday I ordered the Grammar books.
"I ordered your Grammar books today."
"Yes!" big grin, fist pump.    seriously?

On Tuesday:
"Did my Grammar book get here yet?"
"No it's coming from New Brunswick."
"Do they speak English or French in New Brunswick?"
"Both, or either, but the people I'm dealing with speak English."
"Phew." big sigh.  "I was worried they'd send French ones!"

On Wednesday:
"I got a box in the mail today. Do you want to open it for me?"
"Sure."  shoulder shrug.
The look on his face when he opened it said it all.  I'd seen this face recently, but it was on Christmas Morning.  I've got photographic evidence of this so that someday, and it will come, when he complains about having to do his Grammar assignment I'll have some evidence that he was happy about it once.

He started Grammar as soon as the mail was taken in on Wednesday January 18th, in Grade 3.

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