Saturday, April 18, 2009

Choosing a Grammar Curriculum

Grammar is something that can feel dry and complicated if it's not dealt with carefully.

We looked for a long time before finding the "just right" grammar program for us.

Growing With Grammar by Tamela Davis was our final choice.  We began with the Grade 4 book, since that's what grade our son was in at the time.  Up to that point we had discussed parts of speech and looked for them in differen types of texts, including prose and poetry.   We played some word substitution games to make crazy sentences, but then it was time for some "real grammar."

I wanted a book that was straight forward, comprehensive, and fun to work with.  Growing with Grammar was just the program for us.  It comes with 3 books:  a student text, a student workbook, and an answer key.  Each of these books is coil bound.  And, I love it that the workbook is coil bound in stenographer's style, with the coil at the top.  This makes it easy to work with for left or right handed students!

The series is now available for grades 1 through 6 with grade 7 coming soon.

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