Friday, April 17, 2009

Elements With Style!

We made a really fun find last summer at Chapters book store.

While perusing the science section (our favorite) we came across a set of books created by Basher.  They are a unique series that mix science and art to give personality to scientific concepts.

In the book Periodic Table, Elements with Style, each of the elements is given a persona and is illustrated cartoon style.  There's a bio of sorts for each one.  
For example: 

On first impression I'm a regular sort, but I've got an explosive temperament.  You might hardly notice me, but I make up almost 80 percent of air, and I'm essential to plant life on Earth.

I'm normally a pretty uncreative gas, made up of two atoms of nitrogen.  The triple bond between these two atoms is hard to break, and that is my hidden power.  When nitrogen atoms form nitrogen gas, they release massive amounts of energy.  This make the many compounds that contain me potentially explosive!"

The group number and other important facts like density, date of discovery, melting point, boiling point, atomic number and weight are also included for each element.
We also have the book Physics: Why Matter Matters; and we plan on getting a couple more in the series, as there are more!

These books have proven engaging and entertaining.  A fun way to get acquainted with sometimes dry material!


  1. We have some of these books. The kids love to read them in the bathroom! A good investment.

  2. hehe I got the chemistry one for my husband!