Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reading Assessment

Knowing what your child is comfortable reading is important for choosing a reading list that suits the child's ability.  For me, it was important that my children feel good about their reading skills and at the same time meet some challenges.

The Lexile Framework  is a great tool for selecting books that are progressive, or within a certain ability range.  Other leveling systems exist out there, like the grade level system found on the backs of some school age books.  For example 4.2 indicates 4th grade 2nd month.  And there's the letter system used by school teachers that begins with AA and goes to Z.  These are great if you are looking at a series of books which are already catalogued.   But what about the great literature out there that hasn't been catalogued?

Lexile Framework has been a great source of reference for us.
Jules Verne's original:  870L
Retold by Carl Bowen: 440L
Judith Conaway's adaptation:  440L

This is a very helpful chart for determining which book is appropriate for my children to read.
My eldest is reading in a lexile range of 700-900, so the original is fine for him.  But,  if a younger sibling wanted to read the same story, either of the 2 retellings would be more appropriate reading level.

Try a search for yourself and see!


  1. Once Becca is reading I will try it :)
    She amazes me everyday, she is catching on so fast on her own.

  2. Hello!

    I just wanted to add one thing: when it comes to beginner readers, the lexile framework is not really helpful. I kept track of the books my son is reading and their lexile range, and the rating is very inconsistant, with short books with lots of repetitions said to be over 300 while more difficult books having much lower number.

    Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is 310, for instance.

  3. chelle,

    Yes, they never cease to amaze, do they? I wish I could learn as fast as my kids do!

  4. Anonymous,
    Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency. I never did notice that myself, but it's good to know for the next one coming along!