Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Assignment Deadlines - Using Google Calendar

Yet another awesome way to use the power of Google in your home school is to use their Calendar feature to set up assignment deadlines.

To find your Google Calendar, just log into Google (surely you've got a Google account by now...) and find the calendar: Link www.google.com/calendar/

Once you're in the Calendar click on the date you wish to schedule something.  Let's say that a Rough Draft of Essay 1 is due on September 20th.

  • Simply click on the date directly on the calendar.  
  • A window will pop up.  

  • Type in "what" the event is: Essay 1 rough draft due, then click edit event>>.

From here you can do all sorts of edits, like:
  • Change the time or date.
  • Make the event a "repeating event" (handy for reminder about weekly tests....or putting out the garbage!)  
  • There's a description box to add the details of the "assignment."  
  • You can change the event color.  
  • And to the right you can "Add guests"  well, our "guests" are actually the student who needs to complete the assignment!

And finally, and the beauty of this, is that you can also add Reminders.  You can set email reminders (or "pop-up" reminders...which I only find handy for things like "turn off the computer now." otherwise you need to be logged in to get them - unless your google account is synched to your iPod...but that's another post.)

Now that you've set up the assignment and added the guest, and put in the reminders, you can sit back and let Google do the reminding about completing the rough draft of Essay 1 and spend your time naggin-  er,  - prompting about more important things!  All you need to be sure of is that your student checks their email!

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