Monday, September 3, 2012

Following Blogs

Someone recently asked me how exactly you "follow" a blog.

That's a good question.  Aside from bookmarking it and returning to it when you remember to, you can "subscribe" to a blog so you receive updates when new content is published.

There are 2 main ways to subscribe and follow a blog:

  • Follow by email.  To do this you just need to put your email address in the little box that says follow by email, and follow the prompts.  Then you'll simply get an email each time new content is added.
  • Follow by RSS feed.  To do this you'll need to use a blog reader.  If you have a Google account you already have a blog reader.  You can find it here:  Link  or type Google Reader into your search engine to find the current link.  There are many other Blog Readers out there, but I'm a google user and it's the one I use.

Using Google Reader:

When you return to the Google Reader link after subscribing to a blog, you'll see:
  • A list of the titles of the blogs you subscribe to and the number of posts they have published that you have not yet read.  
  • To the left you can sort and filter your blog reading, 
  • On the right there is a window showing the most recently read blog posts as well as some tips for using the Reader.
To read the blogs you're subscribed to, simply visit your Google Reader page and get caught up!

I personally like the "feel" of reading the blogs on their actual site.  It's easy to get there just by clicking on the blog post title!

If you're reading this in a feed because you're already a subscriber...impressive that you've read this far!  wow!!

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