Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Writers Inc Arrives!!

Our copy of Writers Inc. came in the mail today, and we couldn't be more pleased with our selection!

 Writers Inc. is an absolutely beautiful book.

Books should be beautiful, shouldn't they?  Writers Inc has a glossy black cover with gleaming shiny multi-colored foil sections that photos on the internet could never covey.  It has durable quality paper and feels like something you would like to clutch close to your heart, and keep well into your senior years (senior citizen not just senior in high school!)

The publisher recommends it for grades 8-12, and I'd say it's spot on.

So far, my review is 5 stars!.

Quotes from the Kitchen Table Reviews include:  

  • "Cool, look at this, Mom!    and   
  • "Wouldn't it be neat to become a famous writer, and write for a living someday?"
These words came from my 12-year-old reluctant writer.  This book is a keeper!!

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