Sunday, September 2, 2012

Using Google for Writing Assignments

My last post mentioned creating GoogleDocs to share with your home school students.

Why not do it in reverse?  This is a great tool for teenagers, especially.  But it can be useful and fun for some younger students.

Last year my then-7th grader used GoogleDocs to create drafts of his writing assignments. And he would "share" them with me.  This meant that I was able to oversee his progress on the work and make comments for his consideration at the appropriate times.

There is a very cool 'comments' feature in  GoogleDocs, you can find it (right now) at the top right near the word 'share.'  I say "right now" because Google has a funny habit of doing re-designs that move buttons around... ( if you liked hide-and-seek as a kid, just pretend that's what they're doing and don't get too frustrated!)

By clicking on the "comments" button you are able to comment on the document.  Any shared user  can make comments, and since I've got editing privileges I am also able to highlight the text.  (Heck I could even make changes in the paper, or change to another font color and suggest specific changes where they are needed.)

By using this method, we can avoid printing multiple drafts for marking and just print one clean draft when the writing assignment is complete!

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