Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chemistry Molecule Building Model Sets - Comparison of 6 Sets

I just love a quest!    And this one involves science... even better!   My quest: selecting a chemistry molecule model building kit for our home school. Here are 5 options to consider:

Molecular Models 178 Piece Giant Size Organic and Inorganic Molecular Model Set  $240

This set is the big kahuna of molecular model sets.

When they say giant, they mean it.  It's large enough to use as a demonstration from the front of a classroom.  And it comes with enough parts to build "thousands of giant skeletal structures of organic and inorganic molecules."  

It contains 50 atoms.

I can see it now, my family room littered with giant molecules!

The kit also comes with  Molecular Models User's Guide-an illustrated guide to concepts and model building.  

The Orbit Molecular system Foundation Set by 3B Scientific, $11

Jumping from biggest to smallest among the contenders, we meet the 3B Scientific foundation set.

This compact set would make a lovely stocking stuffer. It's capable of building the organic molecules, and would be a good introduction to the concept of molecular structure.

It contains 65 atoms.

The price on this kit is reflective of it's size and packaging.

Molecular Models 116 Piece Advanced VSEPR Theory Molecular Model Kit, $29

This kit is by the same company as the first kit on the list, but it's student size.

One unique feature of this kit is that it uses VSEPR which indicate regions of electron density.  For more technical information about this you can consult this website.

It contains 71 atoms.

The VSEPR is a nice feature for a chemistry enthusiast, but might be overwhelming for a student more concerned with learning the rudimentary concepts of bonding and molecular structure.

3B Scientific 50 Piece Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Student Set, $30

This set features enough parts for a student to make all of the simple organic molecules, with "sufficient links to make single, double or triple bonds" 

It has a nice case for sorting the parts, and the size of the kit is good for working at a table or desk.

It contains 50 atoms.

From the large images available on the website, it also appears to be a study plastic construction.

An instruction leaflet and link remover tool are included.

This final kit is a mixture of several of the ones above.  

It has a whopping 520 pieces, 370 of which are atoms!  It can be used for both organic and inorganic models, and it's capable of single and double bonds.

The storage case is cardboard.

 Prentice Hall Molecular Model Set:

This kit contains 72 atoms, but seems to be an adequate starter kit.  The reviews site sturdy construction and quality.

Overwhelmingly Amazon users are pleased with this kit.

And it's on sale right now from $77 for $54!:

All of these products are available with Amazon's free super saver shipping  on orders over $25!

Which kit is right for your needs?

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  1. Perfect timing for me - however, after comparing and reading reviews of the above, I ordered 2 sets of Prentice Hall Molecular Model Sets for General and Organic Chemistry. $54 a set, from Amazon. More expensive, but, possibly better constructed and longer lasting!