Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gearing Up for Fall - Organizing the kids

When I was a kid, I loved shopping for school supplies.  I still do!  My kids are happy to let me do it for them, so I will -- happily.  Although a part of me wishes that they took as much glee in fresh stationery supplies as I do.

Some basic materials we need for Fall are:

  • paper
  • notebooks
  • pencils
  • pens
  • markers and 
  • binders:  3 per child - 1 Weekly Binder, 1 Storage Binder and 1 Assessment Binder.  Plus 1 for me.

That's about it really.  We've got rulers, scissors, tape, colored pencils, white boards, sheet protectors and craft supplies in our stash already so that should cover it.

Throughout the year we'll need some bristol board or special items for projects but we'll get those as we need them.

The children's 3 binders will be used as follows:
The Weekly Binder will be a 1.5 inch sturdy, flat-lying binder that they can keep all their paperwork in for current assignments.  Math, Writing, Spelling, History, Science ... anything that uses handouts or writing paper.
The Storage Binder will be a 3 inch binder that is for overflow.  At the end of unit or semester, completed work will be transferred into the storage binder.
The Assessment Binder will be a 1 inch "portfolio" of their year's work.  Divided into subjects as the other 2 are, but only containing the assessment materials: tests, projects, reports, and samples of work selected at the end of unit or semester when the storage transfer occurs.  This binder is invaluable at the end of the year when it comes time to write report cards, and file government paperwork.  Everything is in one place, and accessible for me when it comes time to summarize the year's work.

My binder will contain my plans for each subject, notes on the children's struggles and successes, grade charts and other tools to keep my teacher skills finely tuned.

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