Friday, August 31, 2012

Story of the World - Online Resources

We are studying Modern History this year and using Story of the World Volume 4 as our home education curriculum history spine.

This is my 8th grader's second time through the material.  He is a visual/tactile learner.  As a visual/tactile  learner he does well with computer related learning.  Looking and clicking help feed these 2 learning styles.

To assist his efficient use of computer time I created a catalog of online resources to accompany his assigned weekly readings.

Originally, I had set the catalog up using GoogleDocs so I could share the links with him easily.  But, then it occurred to me that it was just as easy (sort of) to "pop" them on a website and make them available to other people who might be studying the same materials and who are also looking for online supplementary material.

The fruit of my endeavour can be found here:

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