Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gearing Up for Fall - Student Assignments: Weekly/Daily

Once I have each subject organized into a series of goals, I can start to pencil in the details of my monthly teacher planner.

I do this in 4 week blocks.   So right now, I'm only concerned with the first 4 weeks of planning.  See my earlier post, on how I'm using "blocks" to help me keep my sanity!

On a blank monthly calendar, I'll put the  week's goals for each subject in the left column  (Sunday) and then break it down into 5 days of assignment work, metering out the work so it is roughly equalized.   I gauge the number of hours available for academics and try to estimate a reasonable amount of work to be completed.  I'll  do this while referencing my subject areas weekly goal list,

I'll use this monthly calendar planner as my reference to give each child their daily/weekly assignment.

When goals are accomplished I'll check them off, and if they take more time than I've allotted, I'll use my trusty eraser and make adjustments as I go.

On Monday morning, each child will receive their own copy of their week's assignment, with every day filled in with the requirements for each subject.   Their copy will have more details than mine so they know exactly what is expected of them.  What to read, what to do, what to write and pass in for marking.

Both of my children enjoy independence, so I let them choose what order to work on their material for the most part.  (With the exception of the weekly conferences I hold with them, which are scheduled on Monday morning for both, and on Wed morning for the eldest and Thursday morning for the younger.)

I always write the subjects down in the order I recommend they tackle them, but if they want to switch it up, that's fine with me.  My goal is to raise engaged learners, and if they don't feel that the timing is right to engage with a particular subject and want to work on something else, I think that's just fine.

Donna Young has a great wealth of forms and charts to use.  I'm sure you can find something to suit every need there!

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