Sunday, August 26, 2012

This Summer My Kids Went to Private School

That title got your attention didn't it?

My boys have been home schooled since the beginning and have never attended a formal educational institution.

But, this summer they donned private school uniforms and sat in desks with their classmates for hours on end....while working as background performers on the CBC TV series Mr. D.  If you watch, you may glimpse them  in Gerry D's Grade 5 class and Grade 9 class.

This is nothing like the work they did in the Charles Darwin mini-series where you see them performing roles. Background performers just "flesh out the scene" So even though they're there, but you might not always see them!

I'm not sure what it did for their opinion of school, but it was a great part-time job, and I haven't heard them asking me to register them in "real school" yet!

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